Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vivid Sydney 2011

Vivid Sydney, a celebration of light in the middle of Australian winter, marked our arrival to our new home country. For the first week we stayed in the Four Seasons and Shangri-la hotel while we adjusted to a new climate, time zone, and culinary palat. Our accomidations were superb in spite of only having 1 room for 4 of us. We had nightly views of the opera house magic, daytime shopping downtown, dinner at the rocks, and quick access to circular quay. The Shangri-la hotel pool in Sydney is something out of a movie. The entire hotel smells so good, but is seriously expensive.

"Mom, can we take one home?"

My first impression of Sydney was that of a relatively quiet town. I was expecting it to be much warmer and didn't think it smelled too strongly of the sea.  On the contrary, the fig and gumtrees give it a sweet aroma and everything feels very clean.  Internet access and television programs are a bit behind, but I enjoyed watching classic scooby-do.  We are no strangers to hotel living and the fun wears off after two weeks when you have kids.  The constant pillage of milk from any available vendor, lack of a kitchen, and suitcase wardrobe are the annoyances you find at the end of every day.  Serious travelers go this way for months, but not usually with two small children.

Sydney Opera house, Four Seasons

The general feeling was of happiness to have reached an amazing point in our lives. Part of me secretly hopped our belongings would be lost at sea, or that our hotel maid would be told to clean our quarters indefinitely.  I am extremely grateful for the experiences my husband's career has allotted for our family, regardless of the ensuing hardships it sometimes requires.  The occasional single parent role is a small price to pay for such an opportunity.

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