Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens

No trip to Sydney is complete without visiting the Royal Botanical Gardens.  With stunning views of the Opera House, Harbor Bridge, Fort Denison, and Wolloomooloo, you can walk the entire Farm Cove in a little under an hour.  Kids will love to feed the wild Cockatoos, or visit the Poolside cafe and see the large navy vessels parked at the wharf.  It is here that I discovered Sydney's fragrant smell comes from its abundant Fig trees.  I have since tried several figs and while the dried ones are too sweet for my liking, the fresh ones are divine.
North Depot ruined Statue Park
There are several other nearby attractions reachable from the Botanical Gardens, such as the NSW State Library, The Rocks dining and sightseeing, even Darling Harbor.  If you are this close to the Harbor Bridge, now would be a great time to walk across.  A climb to the top will cost you nearly $250 Ausi dollars and is a chance of a lifetime, but most Sydneysiders consider it a tourist ripoff.  Its fairly easy to get Opera House tickets and we paid as little as $30 for cheap seats.  I would stick to daytime visiting when with kids, as there are druggies who use the park as their night hangout.

Woolloomooloo Bay view from Botanical Gardens public pool

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