Saturday, June 18, 2011

Melbourne Conference

Cafe in the middle of Yarre River, Melbourne

Once a year I find the opportunity to travel with Paul for work.  Since we have yet to find a place to live in Sydney, I was all too happy to go with him to Melbourne this week.  We decided flying was not nearly as exciting as driving the 1100 KM down the scenic Australian ocean road.  The hills and huge eucalyptus trees just outside Sydney were gorgeous, but I was so saddened to find so many dead Kangaroos on the side of the road.  We spent the first night in Eden, a small mostly dutch settlement with spectacular ocean views.  Had this been anywhere in America, the population would be 300,000 instead of 3,000.  Every house was positioned on a cliff overlooking ocean and surf.  We had a typical fish and chips meal with extra sweet Ausi ketchup.  In the morning I snuck a bag of authentic black licorice from the Dutch Accouterments shop.  I later discovered I hate authentic salty dutch licorice - it tastes like the ocean.

Smartgrid Mobile

While Paul was busy attending a SmartGrid conference, the kids and I had the chance to check out Melborne tourist attractions. We spent a day at the Melbourne Museum, rode the free #35 red tram the entire loop around Melbourne square, caught a tour at the sports museum / former Olympic Stadium, but my favorite experience was Fitzroy gardens.  Shaped like a union jack overhead, Fitzroy is home to Captain Cook's cottage, a fairy garden, and a fun playground.  Melbourne is a very artistic city and in the winter, reminds me much of Berlin.  We had dinner with a sweet Portugese couple who know how to cook, laugh, and entertain children amazingly well. I had to admire how well behaved (and tri-lingual) their twins were. Alas, the road home is not nearly as exciting as the journey there, but still worth the trip.

Ana @ Fitzroy Park

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