Saturday, June 25, 2011

Manly Service Apartment

South Styne, Home to Sydney Penguin

Our third week in Australia found us looking for cheaper accommodations closer to the beach.  After a weekend in the Novotel, arguably the nicest accommodations at Manly beach, we moved across the street to the Manly Shores Holiday apartments.  For the first time in three weeks I found myself with cooking utensils and an oven! Here I come Coles!

Public saltwater pool oceanside, Manly
For those unfamiliar to beaches, there are all different kinds.  Manly is a high surf beach, home to former champs such as Layne Beachly and Barton Lynch.  There are a number of surf schools and places to rent a board, as well as surf competitions almost every weekend.  Because of the strong currents and high tides, anyone with kids are advised to use the nearby Shelly beach, which is what we did.  If Manly weren't so popular with tourists in the summer, we would have chose to live there.  We just couldn't see ourselves fighting the huge crowds from Dec-Feb.  It is an amazing place to Whale watch, home of the only Australian penguin, and tons of great stores along the Corso (shopping area).

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