Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Eden & Kiama on the Princess Highway

Old fashion Dutch licorice shop

Our drive towards Eden was filled with the electric excitement you only feel on a maiden voyage in a foreign land. My husband is highly addicted to this feeling, and you can hear his excitement in the video above. With U2 reveling in the background, we made our way down the princess highway past the town of Kiama. The main attraction here is the Kiama blowhole, a short walk from the main town beach. We stretched our legs, enjoyed the stroll, and stopped for chocolate on the way out of town.

Paul @Eden Point lighthouse next to the Killer Whale museum

Eden is even smaller than Kiama, with a population of around 3000. It is an old dutch settlement founded along the snowy river. The Dutchmen traveled here to help build the hydro-energy dams along the river, and undoubtedly fell in love and never left. You can see traces of their roots in the architecture and shops in town. We enjoyed a nights stay and breakfast at the Econolodge near the killer whale museum. The cliffside ocean views are just as spectacular here as in Sydney, and I enjoyed actually getting to hear the ocean over the roar of cars and city streets. The next morning we made our way to the southernmost point in Australia, seen in the video below.

Kiama beach nestled in the Blue Mountains

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