Monday, January 3, 2011

Murphy Candler Park

Murphy Candler Park playground
Only a few days into the new year and school had to be canceled due to an earth shattering four inches of snow.  The entire city of Atlanta shut down and hardly anyone left our street for a week. We decided to beat cabin fever and head out for a hike around Murphy Candler Park. The circumference of the lake is roughly two miles and we made it most of the way around with a double stroller and realized the trail only connects with a tiny path unsuitable for a stroller.  Paul walked the remaining 200 yards and brought the car to Nolan, Ana, and I.

Trail around Murphy Candler lake
If you haven't purchased supplies before the snow falls, or even thinks about falling, you will be out of luck.  One friend claimed her husband took the rutters off his water skis and had his friend tow him to work. We like to keep things classy down south. Paul still managed to make it to the office and Ana and I kept busy by making pies. Murphy Candler was a lovely quiet park not overrun with baseball fields for once, making it a grade A find in my book.
Snowpocalypse Atlanta 2011

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